Cast Nylon (MC Nylon)

Cast Nylon (MC Nylon)

  • NH_00336

Cast nylons produced by the anionic polymerization of caprolactam cover a wide range of applications and have improved mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties compared with polyamide 6 by injection or extrusion. By the addition of various additives such as colorants, MoS2, oil, lubricants and antistatic agent, the properties can be reinforced.


  • High mechanical strength 

  • High stiffness, hardness and toughness

  • Self-lubricating Excellent wear resistance. Good machinability 

  • Good electrical insulating properties 

  • Good chemical resistance 


  • Gear, rollers, bushing, screws 

  • Conveyor rollers, steel industry 

  • Part for the textile and construction industry



Cast nylon blue, natural, black

Cast nylon + MoS2 dark grey

Cast nylon + Oil green, yellow

Cast nylon + Wax light grey

Cast nylon Lube red

Cast nylon + GF black

Cast nylon AST black , white